Quick to respond

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As a teenager in high school, one of my greatest fears was my mom tracking me—not necessarily because I was doing anything bad or going anywhere I wasn’t supposed to, but solely because that fit into the stereotype of the overprotective mom. No one wanted a “Big Brother,” whomever it may be, tracking their every move and location.

Rumor had it James’s mom put a tracker in his phone—his razor cell phone, and that was weird. James’s mom was weird.

Fast forward 10 years, and I check “Find My Friends” like it’s social media.


A Senate hearing with tech support

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“In my college dorm room,” Mark Zuckerberg repeated over and over again during his testimony before half the US Senate yesterday, repeatedly reminding the world where he created Facebook and reminding me, a college student, just how unaccomplished I am.

I didn’t think Zuckerberg was going to fare well before the Senate. Hours of cameras, long complicated questions and facing a panel, elevated just enough you actually have to tilt your head up.

This is a hot, complicated topic, so intricate, delicate and complex it would be hard to talk about, answer questions on or frankly, just understand. Consequently, the first hearing revealed more about the Senators than about Zuckerberg. The elderly bunch clearly didn’t understand how Facebook worked on a basic level — much less how to regulate it.