Technology has quickly taken over society. It’s become part of our culture. The invention of the internet, smartphones and social media highly influence what we do and the choices we make … much more than we ever would have predicted. This blog explores what, why and how things such as Instagram, eReaders and Netflix affect our relationships, decisions and everyday life.

Hello hello, I’m Gracie

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI’m an Arkansas native and an undergrad at the University of Virginia. My fun facts? I have a keen taste for coffee, always on the hunt for the perfect cup. I can read an entire book in one sitting and say my alphabet backwards. 

blog3.jpgOne of the greatest parts of life is the ability to enjoy art. Books, music, movies, painting, fashion for example give some of the greatest insights to the state of society. Over the past few decades technology has slowly weaved its way into our culture, and it’s fascinating to reflect on the intersection between the two.

I started this blog at the beginning of 2018. I often bring in ideas I’ve learned during my classes at school, articles and books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched or simply things I’ve noticed grocery shopping at Kroger.

Good luck trying to keep pace with the quickly changing, crazy world we will live in. Hopefully, this blog will help you try to keep up.