Quick to respond

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As a teenager in high school, one of my greatest fears was my mom tracking me—not necessarily because I was doing anything bad or going anywhere I wasn’t supposed to, but solely because that fit into the stereotype of the overprotective mom. No one wanted a “Big Brother,” whomever it may be, tracking their every move and location.

Rumor had it James’s mom put a tracker in his phone—his razor cell phone, and that was weird. James’s mom was weird.

Fast forward 10 years, and I check “Find My Friends” like it’s social media.


Addicted to Buzzfeed quizzes? Same.

facesI heard the door close for the third time, signaling that all my roommates had left. I grabbed a banana from the pantry for breakfast and went back to my room. I had half an hour to kill before I had to leave for class, so I sat on my bed and played with my Google Home.

“Hey Google, tell me a joke.”

“Okay Google, what’s the weather like today?”

“Hey Google, what’s the latest news?” *cue programmed podcast.

“Hey Google, what planet would I be?”

That’s a real question I can ask my Google Home, and it will cue a personality quiz. Apparently I’m Pluto—that’s not even a planet. So, I took the quiz again.